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Um…they already started selling tickets LAST Saturday (the article says they will go on sale this Saturday)(-_-)

It was exciting seeing Arashi on the Hawaii news (although they just used low quality YouTube clips haha). 

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They’re not buying anything for you then, you’re robbing them!

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Adorable human beings ♥ - VS  2009.04.04

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Making of new Devil Nino Pocky Cm

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Arashi BLAST in Hawaii will be released out on DVD!


For those who won’t be able to go to Arashi BLAST in Hawaii like myself, be sure that there will be a DVD out some time in the future :)
"Japanese media will be covering the event, and the band will film for a DVD of the concert."
(Credit: http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2014/08/25/arashi-blast-in-hawaii-concert-expected-to-bring.html?ana=twt&page=2)

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Nino..!! LOL

140823 Arashi ni shiyagare

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